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With there being a fairly good chance the weather will be miserable as you read this. If you’re like 90% of other Brits, then chances are you’ve already talked about the weather today.​ Insurance, on the other hand, probably isn’t something you’d talk about. Unless you need it, in which case it’s anything but low interest.

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There was and still is a reputational storm cloud hanging over the category in terms of its delivery. So for AXA to meet its objective of building warmth toward its brand, we needed to prove that we deliver in unexpected circumstances, and that we value customers as individuals. We needed to be a little ray of sunshine that was more than a safety net but worked to keep our customers ‘One Step Ahead’.

This is about walking the walk, actively keeping people prepared for the unexpected, in order to earn a new conversation with them. We wanted to provide small every day interventions to demonstrate this and so looked to our famously unpredictable weather, which millions of people talk about everyday, as our conversation ice breaker.

‘One Step Ahead’ was about reacting in real-time to localised weather events with relevant products. We targeted individuals on their way home, keeping a welcomed conversation going until they arrived, where we know that most people buy insurance.

Of course a huge amount of data had to be pulled together – but this is more than about how data delivered great targeting. There is a big difference between a conversation and a series of unwelcomed messages.

Data from Route, OCS, Dipsticks Research and AXA’s own PPC identified London, Birmingham & Manchester as target locations.

Mobext and xAd set up a geo-fence, pretesting messages with mobile users before a DOOH campaign went live. We served a variety of messages relating to the weather and one of three AXA product tips.

As the campaign progressed DOOH creative was optimised and updated via Live Poster, using data insight gained from mobile interactions with EE data. This helped us create product taxonomies to understand which one of three product messages (home, health, motor) should be served.

60 minutes after passing the digital poster (thanks to the Mobext geo tag) we served a sequential message to the user’s mobile phone.

Whilst people browse for insurance products on the go, final quote/booking is typically done at home so a final conversion message was served when the mobile phone registered it was on HOME WIFI. 

It took creativity, commitment and determination to deliver 25,708 combinations of dynamic DOOH creative and 73,216 mobile interactions.


Often the best relationships start with a bit of small talk. 

Our conversation built the desired brand warmth, with a 78% uplift in engagement with the campaign over time. Awareness increased by 32%, consideration by 47%, and Net Promoter Score by a fantastic 131%.

We also saw how even in a commoditised category warmth impacts business.  In a short time frame we prompted 14,000 consumers to visit the AXA web site, of whom 73% were new, and who spent more time with us (an additional 3.26 pages viewed). We also generated an additional 6,850 quotes.

 “Overall we are very happy with the outcome of this campaign. The original strategy was extremely ambitious and involved high levels of calculated risk for AXA because of the media firsts involved. But these risks absolutely paid off, we delivered an innovative campaign and the results prove indisputably the value of the approach.

-Jack Jones, Brand Planning Manager, AXA

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