easyJet: 20th Anniversary

People don’t travel budget for the experience in the air. They travel for what happens when they land. You don’t need data to tell you that.

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Over 5 years we have used intensely personal data storytelling to create aviation’s most successful multi-channel CRM programme. A strategy which has delivered a 350:1 ROI and a cost per seat sale of 20p.

We started on a journey to know our customers, connect with them in the channels they wanted to communicate in and serve them content and messages appropriate to their needs. By doing that we were able to move from personalised communications to creating personal connections.

We started by developing unique, single customer views that weave first and third-party data to create genuinely personal communications.

Through a series of contextual communications which pulse with our travellers’ natural planning and travel cycles, we inspire richer experiences and help people get the most from every trip. 

We knew instinctively that whatever their travel plans for a holiday, for business, for a hen night or visiting friends and family, whether they were frequent travellers or infrequent travellers, people want to be inspired and to make the most of their holiday.

But the airport, check-in and even flight can be stressful. When we started, easyJet customer engagement activity didn’t reflect people’s hopes and ambitions, nor did it reflect the new brand positioning of “Generation eastJet” – it was push not pull, and mass communication.

In a dramatic shift for easyJet and for the airline sector itself, we moved away from the obvious tactic of sales-driven, batch blasted communications and created a multi channel content led approach which actually reflected the human truth about travel: Travellers care more about the experience they have when they arrive at the destination, than they do about how they get there.

easyJet travellers are the ultimate trip tailors – carefully piecing together their experiences, saving a little on a flight so they can spend more on a boutique hotel or special meal. So by serving up meaningful, personalised inspiration to direct our travellers they are able to search destinations based on their desired experience. The airports we know they travel from or a budget we know they have. We can reflect whether they want last minute deals or whether they plan months in advance.

We used further data insights to better solve and anticipate a customer’s issues, concerns or motivations. We use a methodology which combines contextual data with insights into what is important to customers as human beings. To understand why they do what they are doing and the context they operate in, as well as any cultural impact or periphery influences on them, to truly identify what is personally important to them.

This gave us detailed profiles by segment, incorporating demography, geography, behaviour and preferences and enabled us to create flexible inspiring messages and content across every touchpoint on our customers’ journey to make every step of the process as personal as the trip itself.


By using dynamic content – across email, SMS, online and even DM -  to connect with travellers at the moment when they are dreaming up their next getaway, we are able to tempt skiers with adventure, couples with romantic escapes or families with fun-packed beach holidays.

This makes all our travellers feel as important as the places we are taking them to.

After testing various parts separately, we manage the programme for our customer base of 60 million passengers in 14 markets, with our opted in customers generating 15% more revenue on average when compared to opt-outs, leading to £101 million annual incremental revenue.

We’ve delivered an ROI of 350:1.

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