Rightmove - Life's Steps

The new brand idea – when life moves, make your Rightmove – positions the brand in the emotional territory of moving home, rather than buying property. Through various stories in a fully integrated campaign, we impart the simple but powerful thought that as life changes, our home should change too. The campaign launched with Life’s Step’s - the story of Graham’s life and how over time, he grows weary of taking the stairs. He finally makes his right move and as life’s circle continues, we see how a new family and their little one begins their own journey through life’s steps.

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Fold7 - Advertising Agency London

Making brands relentlessly relevant is all we have ever cared about. Our two guiding principles are: Magic & Momentum. Together they are a powerful force that inspire people to feel something and do something. Magic breathes life into brands. So even if it’s just for a moment, we quiet people’s rational side, suspend their disbelief and get them to feel. Momentum ensures they have a life beyond initial impact. People want to pick them up and play with them. They inspire people to act.