You Can Do Better Toothpaste Advertising

Toothpaste advertising has become formulaic and bland. Consumers have come to accept the category as something to be tolerated. Or (more likely) just ignored.

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Arm & Hammer wanted to shake things up: work to get consumers to pay attention to the category again and in doing so, reconsider their predictable brand choice. 


We created a campaign for those people who expect a little more out of life, people who are always looking for the best excuse to smash through the tedium and discover something exceptional. 

Arm & Hammer is the only toothpaste containing kick-ass baking soda. That's why it tastes exceptional, feels exceptional and cleans in an exceptional way.


The You Can Do Better campaign reached out to those consumers who just demand that little bit more out of life, love and toothpaste. It spoke to those discerning folks who don't just accept, 'acceptable'. The communications were an announcement that Oralcare doesn't have to be average - brought to life by our deliciously mutinous Life Coach. 


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