Engaging with a generation that won't be told.

North London Waste Authority approached Therapy with a brief to get an apathetic and attention-poor cross-section of young North Londoners to take an interest in recycling.

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Research showed that recycling was a ‘switch off’ concept. They knew they should be doing it but didn’t feel bothered about taking part. They thought it was someone else’s job. When they saw posters or other comms encouraging recycling, something inside them instantly dismissed it. They commented on the lack of interesting context and a ‘samey-ness’ in message.

To cut through, NLWA would need to dissociate itself from the preachiness and community-do-gooding that had become hallmarks of this category’s messaging. We needed to take a step back and re-connect with young people by stripping away the calcified layers of irrelevance.


Therapy’s solution was to jettison the baggage; to strip away all the boring language and vernacular that had become the category’s downfall and just focus our young consumers on the real challenge: not throwing away important stuff.

Through a series of short videos, Save Our Stuff abandons the Pavolvian switch-off word ‘recycling’ and inspires a new channel of thought by dreaming up a series of quirky dystopias in which European millenials lament living in worlds without recycled materials.

The campaign tells imaginary stories around the subsequent missing human benefits - to breathe new life into the message and capture the imagination of young consumers in North London. 

At the heart of the message is a plea to evoke inherent responsibility – we know millenials don’t want to be ordered around or dictated to so this isn’t a lecture it’s a memorandum: these things are useful; we still need them.


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