Optrex: Screen Eyes

Screen Eyes TVC shot by Black Mirror director Owen Harris for Optrex ActiMist 2in1 Dry + Irritated Eye Spray.

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While technology, lifestyle and habits have evolved dramatically over the past 15 years, our bodies have not kept pace – and modern life is taking its toll on our eyes. Screen Eyes is that uncomfortable, dry feeling in your eyes that occurs from looking at screens for a long period of time.

To raise awareness of this very modern problem – and to promote its flagship ActiMist 2in1 Dry + Irritated Eye Spray – eye care brand Optrex  launched a new TV, press, digital and point-of-sale campaign, devised by Havas London.

The campaign revolves around a surreal yet eerily familiar TV spot from Black Mirror director Owen Harris, depicting a world where people have developed eyes the shape of screens. The metaphor, coupled with scenes of everyday people going about their everyday lives, connects an increasingly common ailment – dry eyes – with the technology we have become so attached to.

The work has reverberated across channels and delivered an 8% increase in sales. Most importantly, we impacted the Optrex business. Penetration of Optrex increased by 18.5% after the launch, with penetration of our Dry Eye products increasing by 11%. That wasn’t just with our hero product ActiMist, but the whole Optrex range.

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