Morrisons: What We Make, Makes Us Who We Are

Demonstrating the everyday quality and great value on Morrisons Market Street.

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Morrisons latest work takes a stroll along Morrisons Market Street to explore some of the farmers the supermarket work with who are the best in their field, the 29 varieties of bread it bakes from scratch with British wheat, the butchers who'll cut your meat just how you like it and the fish it buys fresh from the boat every day. You'll also learn about where the apples that are hand-picked for Morrisons apple pies, the 100% British eggs you put into your basket and where the flowers it sends to our shops each morning all come from.

Morrisons close relationships with farmers and growers means it knows exactly where its food comes from – so it is able to deliver good quality and great value on Market Street, every day.

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