Wriggle Wrestle. Pampers.

Giving parents a break from the daily nappy changing wrestle.

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With the launch of Pampers’ new pull up nappy pants, P&G wanted to show that changing your child’s nappy is no longer a tiring wrestle with your wriggly baby. They were keen to use humour to tell the story so the challenge was to create a video that went beyond the staid product shoot and to deliver something that parents would resonate with and share on social.

TOAD created Wriggle Wrestle, WWE spoof wrestling match between loving parents and their little one. The build up would mirror the intros that wrestlers get as they enter the ring, complete with funny wrestler nicknames. After the initial struggle with regular taped nappies we introduced the easy on nappy pants into the ‘wrestle’ as a game changing solution for the knackered parents.


TOAD is a creative studio located in the heart of East London, started by four lifelong friends, Jack and Guy Davidson, Henry Waterfall-Allen and Daniel Clarke. TOAD believes bold and brilliant ideas don’t need the biggest budgets, just the biggest imaginations, and works with a variety of clients including Warner Bros, War Child, P&G, Pampers, UK Parliament, C4, BBC, MTV, and Comedy Central. Why the Name? We could say it’s short for ‘The Original Advertising Dudes’ or tell you we were inspired by Ginger Baker’s boring drum solo, or that we got high on Ayahuasca in Peru and met The Mighty Toad King, but the truth is, toad’s are outsiders and so are we. At TOAD, the four directors have known each other since they were teenagers, and have developed a creative understanding and company ethos that can’t be faked. We all know what each other wants, how each person works and what our collective goal is, which feeds into our work, with our team and the way we are with our clients. Our lifelong desire to create has meant we’ve all developed production skills, so we know what it takes to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. Our sister company Mother’s Best Child is a comedy content studio and major part of our creative firepower. As TV writers and producers they have racked up over 250 million online views and been featured on all the UK’s leading terrestrials.