Range Rover Evoque / Pulse of the City

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For the last seven years, we’ve been Jaguar Land Rover’s lead strategic and creative communications agency, partnering with them to pioneer a new way of launching vehicles around the world with social and word-of-mouth strategies at their heart. We develop premium programmes that get talked about in culture, across social platforms and in earned media, using key customer, influencer and cultural voices to tell our story, driving reappraisal for the brand, demonstrating they are a modem, technology driven and purpose led organisation at the same time as building product demand.

The launch of the Range Rover Evoque was a pivotal moment for the brand. Launching to a new, young, urban audience they were fighting a rising tide of negativity around ‘big’ 4x4s and a culture that was favouring smaller, more fuel efficient cars in cities.

We used the launch to drive reappraisal for the brand as well as the product. We created a central platform, The Pulse of The City, that placed Range Rover at the heart of modern cities, bringing them to life through the people (and things) that made RESULTS them amazing. The project consisted of dynamic content and events, including wireframe street art, music videos, new fashion collections and technology fairs. We made interactive films in Hollywood and a comic book inspired mini-series in China with talent as diverse as Victoria Beckham, OK Go, Surface to Air & CeeLo Green. At the heart was a Pulse app that used GPS technology, allowing people to draw their movements across their city and create stunning data visualisations of their journeys that were shared with global media and on social platforms.

The 18-month programme was a landmark in Land Rover’s history pioneering a new way of launching cars, long before they even hit the showroom. It brought together a younger audience, previously rejectors of the brand and involved them in a way that allowed them to experience the brand and product in a way they wanted to, right at the heart of the cities they love.


Social, Content, Digital, Experiential, Advertising


— 16 countries; 17 cities

— 500,000+ people go involved

— 50,000+ pre-orders of the £65,000 Evoque (we were aiming for 19,000)

— 1st year’s target orders were achieved even before the car went on sale

— £45million worth of media coverage generated

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