EE: Wembly Cup

The biggest football match in YouTube history: using influencers to build a large-scale new community with millennials

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The Challenge

In 2015 EE, the UK’s largest mobile network operator, saw their market share with a younger male audience come under pressure. Competitor brands were aggressively targeting these young prospects with offers and EE needed to fight back.

Our challenge was to find an innovative way of connecting the brand to this younger high value, tech-savvy and hard-to-engage audience by tapping into their key passions and raising the profile of EE’s partnership with Wembley Stadium along the way.  

What We Did

If we knew one thing about this audience, it’s that they love football: the game, the culture, and the channel the audience use for football news or to learn the latest tricks: YouTube.  YouTube is ruled by a new breed of influencers who understand their audience better than anyone and also have incredible reach (the top 10 FIFA16 YouTube influencers’ communities combined total over 1/4 of the UK’s entire population).

Playing on this, we created ‘The Wembley Cup’, a YouTube series that documented our star YouTuber, Spencer Owen, on a journey to recruit and prepare a team to take on rival YouTuber MiniMinter and his Sidemen crew in an epic final – at Wembley Stadium. 
Now in its third year, the project has grown and grown, with the final match of the latest series being watched at Wembley by a live audience of over 20,000 paying fans.


The EE Wembley Cup platform has become the brand’s longest-running marketing strand, alongside its collaboration with spokesperson Kevin Bacon, setting new standards for content marketing and winning multiple awards along the way.

The first series saw over 20 million views on YouTube and unprecedented earned coverage across multiple media channels. The following editions saw the match livestreamed on YouTube, with content during the series gathering over 50 million views and 1.1 million engagements across social media. 

Moreover, EE has seen a 300% increase in brand searches during the campaign period and an 8% increase in brand consideration amongst our key target audience, making it one of EE’s most successful brand marketing campaigns to date.


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