McCafé 'Flat What'

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Leo Burnett

We believe that the thing that defines successful organisations today is their ability to understand people. So we help brands win in a changing world by ensuring they turn up human. We do this because we believe that behind every client problem, there is a human problem to solve. And because watching every piece of content, behind every impression, interaction and experience, using every piece of tech and behind every piece of data there is a real person, who must be moved, helped, entertained, informed and engaged. So the work we create for our clients is proudly populist. We create ideas that appeal to the many and not the few, driving effectiveness at scale, across all touchpoints and channels. Not only this, we use latest proprietary data and technology to enable mass personalisation ensuring that we create ideas that not only appeal to everyone but also appeal to each one of us, individually. We believe in a strong culture of openness and collaboration, and bring people from every discipline and background around the table with our clients, to create work in service of the only thing that matters: people