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This submission is designed to demonstrate the KHWS agency positioning and value proposition. It showcases our unique offering, our proprietary tools, our skillset, our ethos and vision.

Following category norms is the biggest hurdle to growth

KHWS believe that current approaches to marketing based on traditional research methods  leads to familiar insights and tried and tested ideas that reinforce category norms. They don’t help brands stand out and give them the competitive edge.

KHWS go beyond traditional insight methods to define the behaviours that trigger people to buy brands in the crowded and complex categories they are often faced with.  

A proprietary approach that identifies purchase behaviour

Working in partnership with leading behavioural scientists in Durham University Business School, we have developed an approach that identifies the dominant behaviours that trigger purchases in a category. Our Sales Trigger™ Insight tool is the result of 3 years work. It reframes over 120 mental short cuts and biases into 9 Sales Triggers™ and identifies which ones are dominant for your brand or service.

Experts in activating insight

As leaders in understanding purchase behaviour our guiding principle is to ensure our insights always inform effective marketing that delivers a commercial return.

To date a host of brands including Bacardi, Samsung, innocent, Jack Daniels, Ask Italian and Hill’s pet food have benefited from our approach.

Activating across the purchase journey

We're equally happy designing and building a stunning website, producing powerful interactive content, developing engaging social campaigns, implementing effective ecommerce marketing or creating compelling in-store activations. Everything we create is based on our unique insight.

Put us to the test to solve your most pressing marketing challenges

We have over 80 passionate marketers based in Farringdon, London.

We enjoy solving our client’s challenges and using our Sales Trigger™ Insights to inform marketing strategy and activation.

For an initial chat contact Andrew Watts - or visit

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