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Elite was a Netflix Original with a huge ambition: to become a hit with Gen Z across the globe. The brief was to introduce the characters, create word of mouth on social & build hype so there was an audience ready to watch the show when it dropped.

The fragmentation of media & resulting trend towards multiple niche interests, means it's now incredibly difficult to get mass global attention with Gen Z. Given Elite was a new piece of IP & a Spanish-language series, we faced a monumental challenge.

Elite featured cast from La Casa de Papel. They weren’t global stars, but we used their fandoms to fuel our launch.

We created a world-first interactive story: a party in Madrid where global influencers hung with the Elite cast, broadcasting it on Insta. The catch? The cast stayed in character, creating a FOMO frenzy as our audience speculated about who these personalities were.

Then we dropped our reveal: the launch film party footage & specially shot scenes, showcasing themes from the show. 

As huge global influencers mixed with show characters tagging themselves in a mysterious Madrid location, it sent the audience down an Insta rabbit hole where they followed, shared, & built incredible hype around the show.

We generated 2.3M insta post likes, 17k comments, & it propelled the cast to global stardom - collectively they went from 1.3M to 15M followers.

Most significantly our film had 1.2M views and Elite was watched by an extraordinary 20M households globally in just four weeks.

About Livity:

We use youth culture to design the future.

For 18 years we’ve been bringing brands together with next gen talent to make the world a better place.

We work in deep collaboration with our network of cultural insiders to understand what matters to them, to define and create what’s coming next. We use these insights and our proven methodology to help brands to grow their audiences by doing better in the world and by earning their place in culture.

We know that for a business to be successful tomorrow, it must harness the opportunities of today. To learn more visit

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