Ahead of the 2017 London Pride parade, we launched a two-phase multi-media campaign, ‘Love Happens Here’, to celebrate love in all its forms.

Aug 02, 2018

Ahead of the 2017 London Pride parade we launched a two-phase multi-media campaign, ‘Love Happens Here’, to celebrate love in all its forms.

The first ‘Hate’ phase drew attention to the rising problem of anti-LGBT+ hate crime in London with Guerrilla-style fly-postering across the city, a covert take-over of Wi-Fi networks and statistic-led taxi-tops, which all told stories aimed to raise awareness of the ongoing prevalence of prejudice.

The second ‘Love’ phase saw the stories of hate crime replaced with ones of love, showing London that ‘Love Happens Here’. This chapter in the campaign saw us team up with over 30 illustrators to create a series of technicolour posters which, due to extensive and generous media space donations, literally flooded London. There was also an interactive map for people to share their stories of love, a UGC site for people to make their own pin and an interactive DOOH execution at Westfield. Furthermore Pride in London and Channel 4 partnered together in an industry first on a series of LGBT+ programming. Forming part of this we created four LGBT+ themed adverts, as well as a 90” cinema spot, each representing different parts of the community. On Parade day (July 8th) London was covered in our #LoveHappensHere pin.

During the campaign period discussions of Pride in London achieved over 670m unique impressions and this year’s #LoveHappensHere campaign achieved over 91k individual mentions. At the peak of mentions, from 2-4pm during the Parade, the #LoveHappensHere hashtag was used 3 times every second.

Olenka Lawrenson

Head of Brand, Engine

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