Department for Education: Every Lesson Shapes a Life

Our heartwarming first campaign for the DfE's teacher recruitment business.

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Dec 05, 2018

The Department for Education was facing three significant problems around Teaching Recruitment:

  1. A 5 year downward trend in number of teachers recruited
  2. A vicious cycle of understaffing, pressure on teachers and funding crises, leading to fewer people wanting to be teachers
  3. A negative media narrative that highlighted and perpetuated these issues

And each year it was getting harder. Teaching as a profession had lost the desirability factor, and the job market was increasingly busy and fragmented. Whilst the vast majority of the population thought of teaching as an ‘important profession’, far fewer of them would consider it a job ‘for me’. 

In order to reach their ambitious goal, a new approach was needed. 

We identified two key roles for communications to reinvigorate teaching and move candidates through the funnel:

1. Inspire a new respect and appetite for teaching

A strong, emotional advertising idea to change public perceptions of teaching and inspire consideration as a career choice by appealing to System One.

2. Nudge people through the journey to application

Understanding of the barriers and issues that prevent application, and through use of eCRM, social and programmatics provide tailored messaging, content and support to help guide candidates.

It became clear that inspiring kids was about small, seemingly insignificant moments that had a momentous impact on shaping people’s lives. For teachers, inspiring ‘WHO’ a child becomes is as, if not more, important than influencing ‘WHAT’ they become.

It was through this lens, of teachers as ‘life changers’, that we would reveal Teaching for what it truly is, re-invigorate the profession and re-discover the purpose at its heart.

Our creative proposition became: Teaching Shapes Lives.

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