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MBA has launched “Click & Invest”, the new digital investment platform from Investec. From only £10k investments, Click & Invest welcomes people to the world of active investment management. Our role has been to craft the brand, develop the website and product UX, create the marketing communications, and deliver the CRM infrastructure and programme.

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Aug 20, 2018

Our web platform converts interest into accounts

The website is designed to be a conversion engine, leading people through the journey to account sign-up. We have animated the zebra to bring life to this experience.

Investec Click & Invest email from MBA on Vimeo.

Content to answer prospects’ questions

We’ve created a range of content to help answer questions that potential investors will ask on their journey. This content is embedded at appropriate points of the website UX and also used in Click & Invest’s social channels.

Your guide to Click & Invest video from MBA on Vimeo.

CRM to nurture and inspire customers.

Investing money isn’t a quick decision. We’ve developed an in-depth CRM nurture program which allows Click & Invest to build a connection with potential customers rather than simply selling to them. Once someone has become a customer, the CRM is designed to replicate the relationship with an investment manager.

Investec iPhone Email from MBA on Vimeo.

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