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Apr 25, 2019

Sipsmith was founded on an almost unreasonable commitment to craft. Even if it means going to lengths other gin makers would baulk at.

For example, small-batch distilleries had been outlawed in London for over 200 years. But rather than settle for distilling elsewhere, Sipsmith Gin's founders went to Parliament and had the law overturned. Because for them the only place to craft truly authentic London Dry gin was London.
So, when it came to creating Sipsmith Gin's first ever commercial, naturally we adopted this same unreasonable commitment to craft.

Introducing Mr. Swan.

Meticulously brought to life by the same team behind Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle of Dogs, Sipsmith Gin's charmingly overconfident mascot explains what makes their gin taste so 'outrageously good' as he takes viewers on a tour of their distillery, lavishly recreated at 1/4 scale. No corners were cut, no shortcuts were taken, no detail was deemed too small to include. What Sipsmith puts into their gin, we put into this film.  
The ad runs in cinemas, social channels and online.


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