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Bacardi: No Commission (PR & Influence)

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Jul 19, 2018

Bacardi’s audience had stopped engaging with traditional marketing. We needed a bold approach to cement Bacardi in popular music and culture as a way to reconnect with their target group.

To make Bacardi culturally relevant again and to engage with their audiences, we harnessed the power of emotion to drive an idea. We placed importance on people-first content, marketing to an audience on their own terms.

Working with legendary hip-hop producer and rapper Swizz Beatz to launch a new art fair with rum brand BACARDI. The aim being to showcase and sell the work of both emerging and established visual artists. 

A growing success, the established No Commission events have taken place all over the world including London, Shanghai and Berlin, securing over 600 pieces of coverage. It represents the convergence of the Bacardi Rum brand with lifestyle and cultural experiences and we continue to build on this throughout 2017.

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