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VOXI: From Mums network to My platform (Advertising)

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Jun 20, 2018

Did you Know 16 – 24 year olds check their phone on average 82 times a day?

Armed with a killer proposition - unlimited social data - and the scale of the Vodafone network, we built the UK’s first ‘youth’ sub-brand from scratch.

Everything the name, VOXI, to the creative idea "Endless possibilities" was developed for & with our 16-25-year-old audience. Our role was to simply give them the platform to make it happen.

We created a stripped back logo and identity, designed to serve as a window into their social data fuelled lives. This allowed us to then use (and refresh monthly) carefully curated content from a pool of young creators, as the hero of each execution. 


We launched an entirely new brand from scratch and within just 3 weeks achieved 10% awareness within our core 16-24yo audience.

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