Making Babylon Health Matter

Babylon Health: From unknown app, to trusted source (Advertising)

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Jun 20, 2018

Did you know that 35 million google searches per day are symptom related?

Behavioural science has proved that it’s much easier to nudge an existing behaviour than to establish a new one. We identified and leveraged the phenomenon of “cyberchondria” (or asking Dr Google) to launch the Babylon AI doctor to the UK. We created a charming, funny, hyper-targeted campaign to highlight the silliness of randomly trusting the internet when you could have access to highly accurate medical diagnosis in seconds from Babylon.  


App downloads increased by 30%, registrations by 50% and awareness directly attributed to the campaign increased by 14%. By the campaigns end, 75% of those who saw the ads said they’d consider paying for the service. Babylon was named as one of Interbrand’s breakthrough brands of 2017.

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