Making Vodafone Matter

Vodafone: From Telco provider to Customer Champion (Advertising, Customer Engagement)

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Jun 20, 2018

Did You Know more connected people live, on average, 5 years longer than those who are not?

Vodafone have been at the heart of the mobile revolution that has transformed the way we all live our lives. But the brand had got a little bit lost in the UK in recent years. Rather than continue to fuel the category obsession with tariffs and towers, we shifted the focus right back onto the customer. Each chapter of the brand story specifically focusses upon removing the barriers that stop people connecting. This has been brought to life creatively using Martin Freeman in his role as Mr Interruption, a lovable character that comically ‘interrupts’ people out of concern, only to be informed that there’s no issue because they’re with Vodafone. 


Our campaign gives people something good to say about Vodafone again and has increased consideration by 10 points with users and 9 points with our core target group as well as pushing NPS to a three-year high. AND we’ve re-entered the public consciousness as an advertiser worth talking about. Our Christmas campaign was talked about in national press in the same context as John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and the other Christmas retail stalwarts.

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