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Ford: Unlearn (PR & Influence)

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Jun 20, 2018


Who doesn’t know Ford? From its founding in 1903 it has grown over its 100+ years to become a household name for reliable, solid and affordable cars. In this era of Gen Z, hyper mobility, innovation and technology, this ‘solid’ reputation was holding the brand back. So how could Ford, reach new audiences, make them sit up and think differently about the brand? 

Education experts estimate that up to 40% of what students are learning will be obsolete a decade from now. The rules are changing fast, letting go of old rules and learning new ones is increasingly important.

We found a partner that perfectly embodies a passion for breaking down barriers and new, fresh thinking: Colin Furze a Lincolnshire plumber, a British Inventor and YouTube star with 2 million followers. He asked his followers what they most wanted to see become a reality for everyday? This action fired up imaginations and generated 10,000 suggestions in less than 24 hours. Colin created a series of Unlearn Mobility videos that explored and refined many of the outrageous suggestions his community offered. Trying new things was leading to some interesting results.



  • 610 pieces of coverage
  • Over 22 million views of Colin’s hoverbike reveal video
  • Video series has over 64,000 comments
  • Colin’s YouTube following has more than doubled to over 4 million subscribers
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