Mark MiddlemasMark Middlemas: I’m responsible for business development at UM London and ultimately that’s about forging strong client-agency relationships, targeting new business clients and getting them into the UM fold.  Ultimately, my belief is that strong agency-client relationships are all about partnership, and partnership comes in many different guises: it comes in trust, it comes in honesty, it comes in collaboration, it comes in asking the right questions at the right time, but ultimately it’s about driving joint success for the client and rewarding accordingly.

Mark Middlemas: Oystercatchers has helped us in many different ways over the last couple of years, and in particular with through the club that they’ve set up that we’re founding partners of.  We’ve met lots of new people, we’ve forged and built very strong relationships, we’ve been inspired by the work that has been shown at the club and we look forward to many fruitful years ahead, in particular with the new business that Peter and the team will be hopefully putting our way.