Peter BuckinghamWell, we were working with Oystercatchers, we were introduced to Oystercatchers through a mutual acquaintance really and we were actually working on a pretty complex digital website, consumer facing project, which is kind of run into a problem and we were looking to reformat it and go out to other agencies and figure out what the solutions might look like. And that is where Oystercatchers came in. I must say that it was, I almost, not quite a revelation but it was almost like a revelation in terms of what the services they offered and how they delivered it, in terms of helping us through our issues and problems at that moment.

They combined two things, I think. First and foremost, it’s actually very big people skills and that is essentially what they are dealing with – introducing people to people. But they do that through a network of knowledge as well as contacts, and the knowledge as well is very important because, especially in the digital world where we are in, which is quite fast moving and so on. And also in film, which is the area that I work in, film and large digital agencies as well, don’t tend to mix a great deal. We don’t have big brands, a lot of the sector doesn’t have big brands and so on. Our level of knowledge and engagement in a particular sector is quite limited. So Oystercatchers’ knowledge and people skills were fundamental in this. And I must say they were worth absolutely every penny I ever spent.