Last week we went slightly off piste with the launch Evolve  – our Oystercatchers Club spin-off with a twist.

Evolve  emerged from requests from across the industry for an informal event where the impact of tech, creativity and humanity on marketing could be explored through a disruptive lens.

With huge pride, we were able to offer our guests a stellar line-up including big brands showcasing brilliant disruptive transformation; global digital warriors; live story-tellers and interactive experiences with some of today’s tech champions.

To our delight we brought together over 180 marketing leaders, agency chiefs, media owners at our Shoreditch venue.

Our very own Peter Cowie pushed the evening’s start button – and we owe a huge thank you to our extraordinary speakers including: Otto Rosenberger, CMO of Hostelworld Group, three-time TED speaker Tim Leberecht; Jon Setty, UK Managing Director, Eyeview Digital; Jane Ostler, Managing Director Media & Digital, Kantar Millward Brown; Rich Hirst, CEO Carat UK, Andy Freeman, Santander Head of Social Media, Digital & Marketing Transformation; Peter Veash CEO, The Bio Agency, Jack Smith, Head of Digital, British Airways and to the fabulous Ruth Mortimer, Director of Content, Centaur Media,  for hosting the evening.

Thank you to our trailblazers who set up shop to showcase the latest in marketing tech: Emotion-Robotics, MPC Creative and Rewind.

And of course, making the evening possible, our sponsors Eyeview and Tanqueray.

From an evening rich in content, experience and entertainment, ran a red thread: no matter what we all set out to achieve during our digital transformation – the customer must sit at the very heart. We curated a whole raft of insights – which we’ll be sharing soon – in the meantime, a starter for ten:

Digital Transformation

Change happens by compelling big business to change in small, meaningful ways.
From the very start understand how the transformation journey will drive business value.
Business restructure is disruptive, worry less about organisational design and focus on collaboration.

Machine vs Man

Embrace technology for creativity.
Combining machine learning and human expertise is a winning formula – one in isolation is not the solution for growth.
The new customer experience curve is both data driven and passion driven.

Romance as the New Disruptor

The four new P’s of marketing: purpose, personality, passion, platform.
Maybe maintaining our humanity is the greatest disruptor of our time?

You can watch a snap shot here:

Watch highlights

To read more about the evening, please click here for Marketing Week’s review. 

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