What does it take to become a fearless brand like Coca-Cola, Patagonia or Unilever’s Dove? Bravery, full stop. At our recent Lunch & Learn session, marketing industry agitator Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder and Editorial Director of Contagious Communications, led us through the Ten Contagious Commandments showing principles used by brave brands to innovate for the future.

From “Weaponising Your Audience” and “Asking Heresy Questions” to “Having a Purpose” and “Prioritizing Experience Over Innovation” – Paul showed us a range of examples across product categories and media channels, on topics as varied as branded currency, trust dynamics, purposeful brands and the growing ‘brand butler’ trend, where brands behave as service providers in anticipation of the rapid growth of Virtual Assistance. 

Huge thanks to Paul for a truly inspirational session – our curious minds were certainly stretched further!

For a full tour of the Contagious Ten Commandments, please click here.