Wilf works across Oystercatchers key pitch and intermediary projects, working with clients to transform the quality of their marketing and advertising activity and appropriate their spend.

Having worked exclusively at Oystercatchers, Wilf has an unparalleled eye for detail and a great understanding of the pitch process.
Wilf left Newcastle University in 2017 where he obtained a first class degree in Business Management. He is a keen sportsman who has played rugby to a high level after time spent in Bath Rugby’s academy and a year in New Zealand playing semi-professional rugby.

More about Wilf:

How long have you been working with Oystercatchers – and tell us a little bit about your role?  

1 year. 3 days. 7 hours. 64 minutes.

My role as Project Executive means I help with the project management of our process. From when we receive a brief from the client through to the final execution and delivery.

What was your background before you joined Oystercatchers?

Oystercatchers has been my first job out of university. However during my time at Newcastle Uni I had numerous internships in the marketing industry.

What do you love most about working with Oystercatchers?

Other than my awesome team, I like the variety of clients that I get to work with. Working with different brands, with different challenges feeds my entrepreneurial spirit. It’s also amazing to be at the forefront of the brands’ marketing strategies.

What’s been the highlight of your time working with Oystercatchers so far?

Running a pitch for F1 was pretty incredible, however the events we’ve held this year have been great to attend and be a part of. Notably Evolve which was an amazing display of the latest technology, used in the marketing industry.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Sport: mainly rugby.

Music: mainly Hall and Oates

Food: mainly pizza

Can you share a little-known fact about yourself with us?

I’ve never lost a game of rock, paper, scissors (best out of three). Let me know if you think you could…