‘A Golden Age for women entrepreneurs has finally begun’ writes Suki Thompson in Management Today…

Entrepreneurs are starting new companies at a record pace. Eighty new companies an hour were launched in 2016 according to research by Start Up Britain published last year. And more than 650,000 new businesses were created in the UK last year, reported the Centre for Entrepreneurs analysis of Companies House.

Against this backdrop, a ‘golden age’ for women entrepreneurs has finally begun. CNBC’s recently published Upstart 25 ranks of promising young start-ups – ten founded by women in a host of industries, from neuroscience to finance and retail.

But scratch the surface and the reality of most business people’s day to day experience is anything but clear cut.

Say ‘self-employed’ and many will immediately think of women. Say ‘entrepreneur’ and people are more likely to think of men. Say ‘female entrepreneur’, however, and the assumption is that we’re talking about female-oriented markets and businesses. And this is supported by the fact that of the world’s 16 most powerful women entrepreneurs listed by Forbes, a clear majority were in women’s related market sectors such as fashion or cosmetics. Five were in media; three in technology and two in real estate.

It’s time to de-gender entrepreneurs. Suki identifies five ways to help make this happen… Please click here to read the full article in Management Today http://www.managementtoday.co.uk/5-ways-create-female-entrepreneurs/women-in-business/article/1442647