Steve_ParkerSteve Parker: My experience of working with Oystercatchers over the last 12 to 18 months I have to say has been genuinely and consistently positive, whether that’s working across new business pitches, but also through the wider client relationship and the client assessment process.  I think the thing that unites both of those processes is one of consistency, there is a really strong element of trust so we found both processes whilst they can be quite complex, they can be quite fast moving, there is an element of transparency that gives everyone involved both on the agency side importantly and clearly critically on the client side, that feeling of trust really that they go into the process with absolute clarity and a real confidence that everyone driven by Oystercatchers has both the agency and the clients best interest at heart.  There’s just a real confidence about it and I think that’s really important.

Steve Parker: I believe that what makes a successful client-agency relationship is trust.  I think it’s what really defines success in that partnership because it allows both the agency and the client to work openly and collaboratively to deliver shared objectives and ultimately to deliver success for both parties.

Steve Parker: What keeps me awake at night? That’s a good question.  There are one or two things.  One is just a constant thought about talent so I think that everyone at a senior level within communications in London has a responsibility for their talent, both to identify the best talent and develop that talent at the right pace but also to ensure that that talent has the opportunity to develop in the broader sense.  That links to the second element that would keep me awake at night which is arguably through excitement actually, because we are at a moment in time in marketing and communications of such significant change that there is a massive opportunity, but alongside that opportunity comes complexity so I think linked to the talent, the idea around talent, I think it’s our responsibility to identify talent from the broadest of skill sets and ensure that we apply that talent to all of that complexity that is occurring because of the pace of change that we’re all feeling because of the relationship that is changing between consumers and brands and that relationship is changing because of technology so it’s ensuring that we have the broadest and best talent to really meet that change head on.