Save the Children’s Director of Marketing Jude Bridge Talks About Oystercatchers

Jude BridgeJude Bridge: My experience with working with Oystercatchers has been a very positive one. I think they are very customer focused. I think they do a really good job in terms of matching clients to the right agency, taking into account the client’s needs and also the culture as well.

Jude Bridge: I think Oystercatchers added an enormous amount of value in the process because it can be quite a stressful frenetic process and what Oystercatchers do is sort of provide calm in the storm really.

Jude Bridge: I think Oystercatchers have a range of really good people, obviously with very broad skills and people who have worked in the industry for quite some time, who are clear on what the issues are and what clients want and what agencies need from the client as well.