Nigel VazNigel Vaz: Oystercatchers I think does a couple of things when they pitch which is quite unique.  I think the first they do is they’ve invested so much time in understanding and building relationships with their client that they’ve already challenged their thinking to advance their thinking to a point where the clients need is really clarified in their own mind.  The other thing I think they do fantastically well is build alignment amongst diverse client audiences, and alignment to their in complex marketing challenges which expand, brand, technology, digital marketing, direct response needs broad alignment across a bunch of stakeholders, and Oystercatchers’ ability just as an agency helps us start in a very good place and that better beginning, usually through a pitch process, yields a better end and a better result for the client and I’m far more confident about how we actually deliver in a pitch process because of our understanding and the partnership that we have with the client and Oystercatchers who’ve already been in a dialogue prior to us engaging.  That makes the entire process far more seamless.

Nigel Vaz: The other thing I think is they genuinely as a team of people, have deep relationships with clients and care about what the clients are trying to accomplish so you get a very honest and unvarnished view of what you’re doing well and what you need to improve on through the process which not only helps you, but ultimately helps you do better with the clients.

Nigel Vaz: The third I think is as a group of people they build very good relationships with the agencies which means that there’s an element of trust because ultimately trust is such an important thing through a pitch process.  Trust that they know the client, trust that they’ve understood the challenge, trust that the guidance that they’re sharing with you about you will help further achieve what the client’s looking for and I think a combination of these things I think make for a very differentiated experience working with Oystercatchers.

Nigel Vaz: For me deep agency-client relationships are all about what both sides are looking to accomplish and our relationships with our clients for the most part have evolved with a very specific focus on business problems so really understanding what it is that a brand is trying to accomplish whether it’s acquitting new customers, whether it’s delivering a more innovative service, and all of these things today are enabled in this digital world that we live in by complex technology in our roots having grown up delivering complex technology to enable experiences position us really well to transform brands in the way they interact with consumers.  Today we think that narrative carries forward even further from experiences all the way through to storytelling and storytelling by a brand done across multiple channels so when we think about the kind of relationships that we have with our clients, the ones that are the most powerful are ones where they’re working in a multi-disciplinary environment as client, we’re working as a multi-disciplinary team, that is actually crossing the original silos of marketing and commerce and digital to try and get at some unique, brilliant ideas for a consumer.  When I think about things like this, things that come to mind for me are something like a best job in the world which could be a PR campaign, it could be a brand marketing campaign, it could be a very digitally and socially led campaign, but ultimately it was all about promoting a set of islands that not many people across the world have an opportunity to think about.

Nigel Vaz: When I think about working with Oystercatchers and many of the pitches we’ve done, a lot of their team works in the same way.  They have folks who understand direct response, folks who understand advertising, and folks who understand the client’s business.  Their ability to navigate and make those connections really creates an amazing platform for us to deliver the kind of work that we’d be most proud about.