Richard HuntingtonRichard Huntington: I think Oystercatchers are unique because I don’t think anybody else understands the world of agency life and the things that motivate and are important to agencies and the work they do in and the client relationships they build, at the same time as giving agencies from our point of view a real sense of security and trust that they understand the client agenda as well.  They’re the perfect conduit between agency and client at very critical points in relationships like at the beginning of a relationship or when we’re trying to take the relationship to the next level.

Richard Huntington: When it comes to agency and client relationships, I think the thing that we think is most important is a completely shared agenda.  It’s a very easy thing to say but when I‘m talking about shared agendas I really mean that there’s an absolute mutual trust and respect between agency and client and that they’re locked in step together and at the heart of that is just a knowledge that both agency and client are looking to achieve the same things, so therefore whatever up’s and down’s you have together, you know that you’re trying to achieve the same things together.  When I think about a relationship like Saatchi’s and WeightWatchers, where that’s built is a profound belief in what they do as an organisation and as individuals.  That’s what makes for us the best sort of relationship.