FIGHT CLUB - 2nd July 2019

The Oystercatchers Club takes on some of the most contentious debates in the industry. What do you want to fight for?

About this room

The first rule of Oystercatchers fight club is... talk about fight club as much you can!

The Oystercatchers FIGHT Club event is at Phonica Records at 6pm on Tuesday 2nd July.

Venue entrance: Phonica Records, 51 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 7LZ.

6.00pm Event starts, Networking drinks

7.00pm Debates start

8.30pm Debates end, further networking drinks

9.30pm Event ends

You'll find information on the subjects and our speakers in this room

If you would like to attend and for more information please email  Simona Coretti.