OYSTERCATCHERS CLUB: The role of the influencer

In a permanently-on social media fuelled culture, the ability to influence individuals, communities and behaviour is no longer in the hands of the few. We’ll be asking:

What makes an influencer, and is their reach real or just smoke and mirrors?  

Should brands be wary, or get involved? 

How do you create the right influencer strategy?

From Micro to Nano: Why Influencer Marketing is Downsizing

In our latest report, Influencer Marketing 2020, it was revealed that influencers with under 100,000 followers are the group in highest demand from brands, with 55% of survey respondents believing them to have a better connection with their target audience in comparison to their high-profile peers. Additionally, 61% of consumers say micro-influencers or niche influencers produce more relatable content.

Data deep dive: Sadie Sink x Kate Spade

16-year-old actress Sadie Sink’s credits include American Odyssey, Blue Blood and The Americans, but her breakout role occurred in Netflix’s global hit original series - Stranger Things. Sadie plays Maxine ‘Max’ Mayfield and joined the young cast as a regular in Season Two. Sadie’s most extensive and long-term partnership to date has come in the form of Kate Spade New York; who tapped her to become the face of their Spring/Summer 19 campaign in January. But just how well matched are Kate Spade and Sadie Sink?

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