Half way through the year, something big is happening in media. Almost a dozen major marketers from P&G to General Mills to Citi to Coca-Cola have called media pitches within a short space of time. Business Insider spoke to industry experts for their take – Richard Robinson was one…

Richard believes three things are happening: “A desire to explore new marketing models that challenge the status quo of old media — like Procter&Gamble which cut its spend on traditional media by 14% in 2014, and has shifted 30% of its budget to digital advertising; advances in technology, such as social media, which brings brands closer than ever before to the consumer (rather than just relying on old methods of advertising that talk at the consumer, but don’t necessarily listen or engage with them); and a reality check that “the globalisation of media is an unstoppable force” — previously brands had local agencies that would deal with local TV stations. Now a man in France might be watching a great social media campaign for a brand like Guinness that was created in South Africa. Geography is no longer a barrier.

He added: “Agencies who have embraced yesterday’s science fiction and made it into today’s normalcy have nothing to fear. In fact they will be in the ascendancy, recognising that a decrease in the time and touches that happen between brand and customer will be their competitive advantage.”

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