EverestRecord-breaking Everest climber, Oystercatcher, and Britain’s most celebrated mountaineer Kenton Cool set a new world record last week when he became the first man to summit Mount Everest and two adjoining summits in one continuous climb.

Kenton, who has now made it to the top of the world’s highest mountain eleven times, summited Mt Nuptse (7,861m), Mt Everest (8,848m) and Mt Lhotse (8,516m), in one continuous climb. These three mountains make up the three walls of the Everest Western Cwm and climbing them in one go has previously been classified as impossible.

As he made his climb up each of the three mountains Kenton Cool had an Oystercatchers flag safely tucked in his rucksack, and this reached the Everest summit in the early hours of the 19thMay – making Oystercatchers the first intermediary to reach the roof of the world!

Kenton recently shared his thoughts and experiences on high-altitude leadership as part of the Oystercatchers Academy™, where he is part of a team of inspirational coaches who train brand marketing teams and senior leaders in Marketing Excellence.

Comments Richard Robinson, Managing Partner of Oystercatchers, “Kenton is one of the most inspiring people you can meet – with a passionate belief in all things Partnership. When he offered to take our flag to the roof of the world as a sign of his partnership with Oystercatchers – we quickly said yes”.

Comments Kenton Cool, “I love working with Oystercatchers and thought the best way to show this was taking their flag to the summit of Everest. Now I just need to find it in all my kit!”.

Kenton summited one week before the sixtieth anniversary of the first successful Everest summit by Hillary and Tenzing. Since returning Kenton has completed a very different Triple Crown meeting the Duke of York on the 28thMay, HM the Queen on the 29thMay and Prince Harry on the 30thMay.

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