Richard Robinson forecasts a shaking out in Europe and the influx of new outside talent influencing the continent, in an interview with Advertising Week Europe. We kicked off this little #AWEurope podcasting shindig with Oystercatchers’s Suki Thompson. We continue to share their story with a conversation featuring Richard Robinson, Managing Partner. Like a 26.2 mile run, we covered quite a bit of ground on topics that include:

  • That marathon thing (and being able to clear ones head running).
  • How one can run very fast, still have the rest of the team behind you the whole way in the most efficient structure and maintain quality.
  • The relevance of sound early-career advise: “talk every day, meet every week, and buy them a drink every month” and having the time to nurture relationships.
  • What he’s looking forward to most at Advertising Week Europe.
  • Rules are the creation of wise men for the guidance of fools
  • Inspiration in people who forge ahead despite being told it’s not possible

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