What is Evolve?

Evolve is our Oystercatchers Club spin-off with a twist. It emerged from requests from across the industry for an informal event where the impact of tech, creativity and humanity on marketing could be explored through a disruptive lens.

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With huge pride, we were able to offer our guests a stellar line-up including big brands showcasing brilliant disruptive transformation; global digital warriors; live story-tellers and interactive experiences with some of today’s tech champions.

In 2017 we brought together 200 brand-side marketing leaders, agency chiefs and media owners for an evening rich in content, experience and entertainment including: Otto Rosenberger, CMO of Hostelworld Group, three-time TED speaker Tim LeberechtJon Setty, UK Managing Director, Eyeview Digital; Jane Ostler, Managing Director Media & Digital, Kantar Millward BrownRich Hirst, CEO Carat UKAndy FreemanSantander Head of Social Media, Digital & Marketing Transformation; Peter Veash CEO, The Bio Agency, Jack Smith, Head of Digital, British Airways.

How can I attend?

Evolve is a spin-off event from our usual Oystercatchers Club evenings, which are invite-only and attended by CEO’s of member agencies & leading brand-side marketers. For one night of the year, we open the doors to the wider industry and welcome non-members to join us for an evening rich in content, experience and entertainment. The event will be attended by 200 brand-side marketing leaders, agency chiefs and media owners. 

When: Thursday 5th July from 18:15 – 22:00 

Where: The Steel Yard, Allhallows Ln, London EC4R 3UE.

If you are a member or client-side marketer and would like to request your complimentary tickets, please contact sam.jones@theoystercatchers.com 

If you are not a member and would like to purchase your tickets, please click here

Line-Up 2018

Tricia Wilber, CMO, EMEA, The Walt Disney Company As Chief Marketing Officer for The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) EMEA, Tricia Wilber is responsible for the creation, implementation and oversight of Disney’s integrated marketing organisation. In this role, Tricia is a member of the EMEA executive management team that sets the strategic direction for the company, which she translates into marketing strategies, priorities, budgets and plans to drive execution regionally and locally. This wide-ranging role also sees Tricia engaging at the micro level –examining all components of how we market Disney to the distinct and varied audiences around the region.

Jeremy Waite, Chief Strategy Officer, IBM Jeremy is an evangelist for IBM Watson Marketing, where he travels around the world talking to global brands about the future of marketing and how cognitive systems like IBM Watson will revolutionise the way that we do business. Jeremy has been voted the most influential person on twitter for #BigData and one of the top 30 digital marketers globally. In previous roles he was Head of Strategy for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the Head of Social Strategy for Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Gurman Hundal, Co-Founder and CEO, MiQ Gurman has always been a creator, and has had an interest in setting up business units since the start of his career. Prior to launching MiQ, Gurman set-up the online ad network, A&NY Media, for the large publishing group Associated Northcliffe Media. From when he joined in 2007 till present, the A&NY Media network was a major catalyst in positioning associated as the most advanced online UK publisher, boasting a robust technology infrastructure.

Andrzej Moyseowicz, Innovation & Data Partner, Freemavens, Be Heard Group Andrzej worked as an award winning chemical engineer before pivoting via a Cambridge MBA into the creative industries. He has worked in over 40+ markets and brands for Saatchi & Saatchi and was the first and only joint member of the creative and planning boards, and won a D&AD pencil along the way. He is passionate about humanising data and analytics to grow great brands and businesses. He co-founded the insights and innovation consultancy Freemavens in 2013 which joined the Be Heard Group in 2017.

ITG Tech Showcase We will have a wealth of technology on showcase from ITG, including: Oculus Rift, 3D TV without glasses, 4k Shelf Edge Displays, Augmented Reality, Touchescreen Tables and will be discussing the implications on retail and consumer marketing.

Guests will have an opportunity to experience the latest advances in 3D scanning, with the opportunity to recreate yourself as an uncannily detailed 3D printed replica.

Hayman’s Gin Hayman’s Gin will be taking over the bar and proving that time-weathered classics should sometimes be left that way. Every one of Hayman’s gins benefits from a traditional two-day process – just as they would have in 1863, allowing the flavours to develop and marry before the gentle heat of the small-batch copper pot still is introduced. Every gin is distilled to a family recipe dating back over 150 years for absolute integrity of flavour. Every gin is distilled using 100% English wheat, prized for its neutral character that allows the botanical brilliance to shine through.

We can’t wait to share them with you! If you’d like to learn more visit www.haymansgin.com


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