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With masks now compulsory in many enclosed public spaces in the UK, Team ITG offered an elegant solution to employees and clients alike.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has altered daily life for people across the globe, and one significant change is in how we shop, particularly through the introduction of masks.

Before masks became mandatory when shopping, Team ITG was already in the process of developing our own.

This fashion-forward range of six Team ITG masks are handcrafted from high quality fabrics, are fully adjustable and come with a separate filter that gives you the option to make them medical grade.

And the best thing? We gave them out to our employees and clients completely free of charge.

It was a token of appreciation for the hard work, enthusiasm and positive attitude that has defined our Team ITGers during lockdown, and for the clients who we have been honoured to support over a challenging period.

For more information about Team ITG’s world-leading technology and award-winning services, contact hello@itg.co.uk.

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