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The challenge

VIACTIV is a true leader in health insurance, but that status is not without its challenges. Faced with the need to address new leads via online marketing channels—and generate new insured persons—VIACTIV enlisted DAC to expand its digital presence and create a high-performance structure for the management of all 58 of its locations across Germany.

The solution

DAC is VIACTIV’s strategic and operational lead for an upcoming website relaunch. But first we had to lay the groundwork for an integrated digital marketing solution, starting at the local level.

1) Onboarding

We onboarded all VIACTIV locations to our unique Local Presence Management (LPM) service.

2) Granular SEM

We drove digital growth down to the hyperlocal level, starting with granular, geo-targeted SEM campaigns in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

3) Building knowledge

We immediately applied our learning to the development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for VIACTIV, collaborating with subject matter experts in DAC offices around the world.

The impact

After optimizing and structuring local data for all 58 VIACTIV locations—and managing updates in local business portals such as Google My Business, Bing Places, and Facebook Places—we were able to drive significant growth in customer acquisition. These trends are continuing to power increasingly impressive numbers each month.


We drive transformational growth by amplifying brands to audiences on their digital customer journeys, accounting for who and—uniquely—where they are.

This unparalleled Enterprise-to-Local capability is driven by the brightest minds in the business, in-house technology, and almost 50 years of experience. That’s why Forrester recognises DAC as one of the world’s most significant Performance Marketing Agencies.