Unite marketing operations with the game-changing CanopyPlanner

Global brands trust CanopyPlanner to bring their marketing operations together in one seamless, collaborative effort.

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Using the industry-leading marketing management tool, CanopyPlanner, global brands are able to unite their entire operation through clear, collaborative and modern ways of working.

With its timeline visualisation and smooth drag-and-drop functionality, it simplifies the management of worldwide marketing activity.

Users are empowered to plan and approve workflows across all channels and markets, uniquely configured to specific brand requirements to ensure a minimum of fuss.

Meanwhile, its highly visual, interactive tools help businesses stay across all facets of their marketing operation, including spend, budget and workflow.

CanopyPlanner makes it far easier for industry leaders such as Co-op and PUMA to track and manage activity across various channels, markets and divisions, whether that’s on a national or international scale.

For more information about CanopyPlanner click here, or contact hello@itg.co.uk.

Team ITG

Team ITG is a global technology-led marketing business. Its game-changing marketing execution platform, CanopyCloud, simplifies multichannel marketing, automates tedious manual processes and frees marketers to focus on creative strategy. With a blend of next generation technology and award-winning services, Team ITG creates and delivers content for global campaigns in over 160 countries and 52 languages.

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