Thinking outside the box for BritBox

BritBox launched into one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. With the aim of “building a profitable direct to consumer revenue stream for ITV”, we had to cut through against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, AppleTV+, and NowTV.

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BritBox’s launch was originally blocked by the competition commission 7 years ago. Now given the go ahead, they were having to compete against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, AppleTV+, not to mention Sky, NowTV and the explosion in scripted TV.

With the aim of “building a profitable direct to consumer revenue stream for ITV”, they had to cut through against some of the biggest brands in the world, with billions of pounds worth of revered content, and much larger marketing budgets.


BritBox wanted to target the 18-35, ABC1, urban audience, an audience already being heavily targeted by their competitors with much bigger budgets. Challenging this, we found a relatively untouched audience to convert who couldn’t get enough of British content, and would prefer BritBox to the multiple other SVOD options.

As BritBox is all about the best of British content and creativity, we partnered with the Daily Mail to celebrate the best of British creativity, from music, to theatre, to TV to film, with BritBox branding sitting at the heart to build an association between BritBox and great British creativity.

To make our campaign work harder we applied personality insights to propel the copy, and tested the creative using biometric research to ensure it landed emotionally.


Our bold approach to shift the original strategy led to an outstanding response, going above their sales target, whilst also growing brand awareness, consideration and retention. Moving from a 1+SVOD audience to a British Content Fan audience delivered CPAs 2.3 times lower and accounted for 84% of all trialists.

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