The Great Unfollow

An integrated campaign for Choose Love and the US Election

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In November, ahead of the US Election, we created a movement called The Great Unfollow. Its aim was to encourage the public to unfollow the outgoing US President Donald Trump on Twitter.

The idea is to to “disarm” Trump, who has weaponised Twitter by spreading hatred, lies and fake news. To turn his most powerful weapon against him, stripping him of its influence. And, at the same time, hitting him where it hurts: square in the ego.

The site allows users to “pop” a Trump baby balloon with a blue bird and is accompanied by a link directly to Trump’s Twitter profile so that users can unfollow him and also donate to our charity partner Choose Love, which helps refugees and displaced people around the world, for the initiative.

There is no spend behind the campaign, but the idea quickly went viral on Twitter, with popular users including Caitlin Moran, Gina Martin, Arthur Darvill and Adam Kay all tweeting about it.

Dan Cullen-Shute, said: "For nigh on a decade, we've watched in horror and dismay as Donald Trump has weaponised Twitter, sowing discord and hate across the globe. The American public look like they're on track to show him the door; we wanted to help the rest of the world show him how irrelevant he has suddenly become by kicking him squarely in the follower count and give everyone the chance to choose love. Here's hoping this is the first step to better times for all of us."

Following the success of the campaign, we created a companion site, The Great Follow, encouraging Twitter users to follow vice-president-elect Kamala Harris, who will make history as the first woman, first black and mixed-race woman and first person of Asian descent to become either US president or vice-president.

Following the success of the campaign, we ran a series of out-of-home executions at sites across the capital provided by London Lites.

Grays Inn-3.jpg

After calling on social media users to remove Donald Trump from their Twitter feeds with The Great Unfollow, we then took on one of the most potent symbols of the outgoing US president – the red “Make America Great Again” baseball caps beloved of Trump’s supporters.

We launched a merchandise store to raise money for Choose Love and created a similar cap sporting the words “Make Twitter great again”. The cap is currently available alongside a hoodie and sweater each featuring the hashtag #TheGreatUnfollow.

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 16.54.37.png

The final stage of the campaign came as a result of the violent riots at the Capitol in January 2021. We quickly pivoted and replaced #TheGreatUnfollow with #TheGreatRemoval and wrote an open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey demanding that Trump be removed permanently from the platform.

We were successful.



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