The first Unconventional Measurement Online Workshop!

Measurement dictates how brands activate media. Simply put, advertisers do more of the marketing that works according to the KPI’s that are set. Don’t Miss The Chance to Learn From One of the UK’s Top Industry Expert!
The first Unconventional Measurement Online Workshop!

Join Aidan Mark – Brand & Growth Marketing Measurement Expert – for the first Unconventional Measurement Online Workshop where much of the industry’s best practices will be challenged.

For more than 20 years, Aidan has witnessed how digital media has been sold on the promise that it was a highly measurable media, but that is not always the case. He is outspoken about the default metrics that are pervasively used in the performance marketing industry.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The common pitfalls of digital measurement; where did AirBnb, Adidas and P&G go wrong?
  • The digital media channels that are incorrectly valued by digital measurement best practice
  • Learnings from the leading marketing effectiveness research
  • The importance of brand reputation in driving digital performance
  • Applying effectiveness learnings to digital campaigns & metrics
  • How to accurately measure for incrementality
  • CvE learnings from control vs exposed testing and other incremental measures of success

Digital and performance media has been sold on the promise that digital was a highly measurable media but that is not always the case. In the era of digital and performance marketing, global marketing effectiveness at an aggregate level has been declining since 2008.

Even brands like AirBnb, Adidas and P&G have fallen into a measurement trap, whereby digital media achieves its KPI’s but does not ladder up to profitable and incremental business growth.

In this workshop we will challenge much of the performance industry measurement best practice, giving you an honest and plain English take on what all these new metrics mean to you and your business.

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