The Brooklyn Brothers and Photobox Launch European Christmas Campaign

An optimistic invitation to the time we’ll spend together next year

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Photobox, the online photo printing specialist, has revealed a new, Christmas TV spot building on their earlier released long-term brand platform for Europe, “Let’s Go Make Stories”.

The new TV spot “Invites, not presents” depicts a woman describing how she will use the photos she has of times with her friends and family to invite them to future stories they will make together. A positive, optimistic take on our inability to spend together this year at Christmas with loved ones. Inviting people to use Photobox products to spark new stories and create more moments of togetherness.

“Invites, not presents” is launched through a 20” TV spots in European markets. A spot inviting people to look forward to a joyous time when they can be together again and to use Xmas as a time to invite friends and family to those times. Photobox believes that the greatest gift we could give to our loved ones is the promise of our time.A joyful, and hopeful call to arms, to create more stories together in 2021. 

The spot is directed by Saam Faramand through Black Cap films.

Mark Singleton, Chief Customer Officer from Photobox says; “We’ve seen the potency of our human need for togetherness during COVID.  Christmas is going to look very different this year, so the usual nostalgia for the “perfect Christmas” just won’t cut it.  We want to inspire people to look forwards positively rather than backwards. To times where we can get back to writing the stories of lives together with our friends and families once again.”

Simon Poett, Executive Creative Director of The Brooklyn Brothers says; “We see Photobox being the catalyst for creating future stories, not just reminders of the past. ‘Invites not presents’ is our promise of that. An optimistic invitation to more of the moments that matter. Particularly now, I think we all need that.”


The Brooklyn Brothers

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