Team ITG beats the clock for the Bayer Foundation

Following the success of our ongoing partnership with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Team ITG was approached by the Bayer Foundation to help support with the launch of a major project.

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Team ITG is transforming the way in which global pharma businesses operate through the expertise of our teams, combined with our endless innovation and our game-changing marketing execution technology, CanopyCloud.

One of our high-profile partners within the sector is Bayer Pharmaceuticals, with whom we’ve worked since 2016. Our role with Bayer is truly global, covering its markets in Japan, the US, South America and EMEA, amongst others. Primarily, we offer automated customer journey execution, along with platform enhancements through our experienced technical consultants. It was through the excellent reputation we had established with Bayer that we came to be recommended for an important project with the brand’s foundation.

The Bayer Foundation was going live with a brand-new website and needed a series of email campaigns to be deployed around the launch. The stated vision of the Bayer Foundation is to ‘catalyze science and social innovation for a world with health for all and hunger for none’.

With that in mind, its new website showcases unique programs for scientists and social entrepreneurs, sharing inspiring stories, providing opportunities to connect and generally fuelling the wider vision of the foundation.

Our CRM strategists are proficient in developing omnichannel customer journey strategies. Jumping straight into action, we were able to turn around the first email campaign within 24 hours.

The Bayer Foundation was thrilled with the support Team ITG was able to offer and was quick to praise our hard work on social media.

As a result of our efforts, the Bayer Foundation is keen to develop this new relationship and continue working with us on an ongoing basis.

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Team ITG is a global technology-led marketing business. Its game-changing marketing execution platform, CanopyCloud, simplifies multichannel marketing, automates tedious manual processes and frees marketers to focus on creative strategy. With a blend of next generation technology and award-winning services, Team ITG creates and delivers content for global campaigns in over 160 countries and 52 languages.

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