Talking CanopyCloud and Covid with Oystercatchers

Team ITG’s CEO and founder, Simon Ward, recently joined Suki Thompson at Oystercatchers to discuss the Covid-19 lockdown and how our CanopyCloud tech is helping global brands stay connected while working from home.

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We’ve been developing our work-from-home marketing technology, CanopyCloud, for over a decade, but the consequences of lockdown have undoubtedly accelerated the immediate need for such a platform, and we’ve seen a significant surge in demand.

Although the pandemic has had an undeniable impact on businesses the world over, CanopyCloud is helping some of the biggest global brands to not only cope with the changing circumstances, but thrive by adopting new, more efficient ways of working.

Fully remote, completely automated and easy to use, it is enabling businesses to continue to deliver their marketing output collaboratively and with increased efficiency, no matter where in the world their teams are based.

As well as the success of CanopyCloud, Simon discussed our internal response to Covid-19, which has been handled with our customary mix of humour, honesty and Team ITG spirit.

We were quick to support our valued clients, from suggesting innovative ways for them to keep customers engaged during lockdown, to conducting market research for a better understanding of the landscape upon their return to ‘normality’.

You can listen to the full Mini-Squawk interview between Simon and Oystercatchers co-founder Suki Thompson here

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Team ITG

Team ITG is a global technology-led marketing business. Its game-changing marketing execution platform, CanopyCloud, simplifies multichannel marketing, automates tedious manual processes and frees marketers to focus on creative strategy. With a blend of next generation technology and award-winning services, Team ITG creates and delivers content for global campaigns in over 160 countries and 52 languages.

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