Stronger Together: Team ITG’s unique spirit

During the unprecedented circumstances of recent months, Team ITG has demonstrated the inimitable spirit and humour that has become a pillar of our business.

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Our people are the heart of everything we do, and we have done everything possible to ensure that every one of our 1,000 colleagues across the globe felt safe, secure and fully supported.

Prior to lockdown even beginning, our CEO, Simon Ward, started personally writing daily emails to keep everyone up to date on events, as well as how they affected Team ITG’s status and future plans.

Alongside that, weekly podcasts featuring Simon and the senior management team have ensured that everyone has a chance to get their voice heard, submitting their questions and queries to be answered directly and openly via the Employee Forum and our dedicated COVID-19 mailbox.

Team ITG’s Wellbeing Champions, appointed as part of our partnership with Mind, the mental health charity, have been on hand at all times to support colleagues. From being available to talk to anyone who’s struggling, to organising workshops and one-to-ones with a professional counsellor, and arranging for care packages to be sent to every member of staff across the country.

And that’s not to mention daily live-streamed yoga sessions, which have helped keep everyone centred and relaxed over this tricky period.

All in all, it’s been the incredible display of our famous Team ITG spirit that has kept us going and will drive us forward in the future.

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