Spotlight on OneFifty Consultancy

This month we catch up with the team from OneFifty Consultancy

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We are a consultancy which uses data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions, with the people who matter. We firmly believe in driving change and we are architects of what comes next. Our specialism is social and we work with marketing, brand, communications and customer services teams at organisations ranging from Unilever to Green Cola, from Zopa to [yellowtail] through British Business Bank, to name a few. We are particularly able at helping start-ups to scale up and FTSE 100’s to increase growth - we have a versatile and broad spectrum of consultancy. 

Describe OneFifty in three words:

Passionate optimistic achievers

What makes you unique?

We bring together worlds people haven’t combined before: digital data analysis & insight, behavioural psychology, consulting and creative thinking. It means we’re grounded in the evidence (our motto is ‘Prove It’). We use this to give us the best guide to anticipating what, where, and how organisations should behave, digitally.

We’re also focused on what comes next - that’s never been more relevant as Covid has seen the world accelerate forward at least 5 years on so many fronts.

Tell us something we don’t know about OneFifty?

Our name is inspired by Professor Dunbar, an anthropologist at Oxford University. He’s dedicated his life’s work to looking at how many meaningful social connections we, as humans, can maintain. Throughout history, that number sits somewhere just under the 150 mark, whether it be medieval villages, modern factory units or Facebook friends! That’s a meaningful thought to reflect on as we shape the way organisations and their audiences create better digital interactions.

What work are you most proud of?

You can’t have favourite children so we can’t have favourite clients! But… to pull out some of the things we’re proud of, in no particular order, working alongside British Business Bank, providing data, insights and creative social campaigns to help UK businesses come through the other side of Covid (they’ve distributed all business Covid loans).

We created an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ Facebook canvas experience for Zopa to generate leads for its ISA product. Casual gaming was perfect for the target audience – older men - and the product sold out early. 

As part of full-service social support for Toby Carvery, we spotted a strategic opportunity to get in front of the much sought after 18-24 audience – TikTok. We launched their own channel, got 1.32M views in 28 days and made it the most followed UK fast food brand. And we sold 20% more breakfasts that month.

We’ve really shifted the dial on Mazda where advocacy is key (as is cost-effectiveness!) to become the top performing European market on social - we cover the full spectrum from insights and campaigns to community management and influencers. This year, 141% more people have proactively and positively talked about the brand

Finally, Green Cola - a British brand shaking up the soft drinks industry with a better choice. We created a 21-day challenge with influencers to get health-conscious mums to ditch aspartame found in rivals - 140 influencers, 150 pieces of content and £0 payments. It landed them the number 1 sales spot on Amazon.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

It used to be helping potential clients understand the scale and need to expand their digital offering. But the pandemic has meant that’s no longer a question!

A more obvious answer is talent, but it’s true. We want to hire the best but want to ensure we also get a breadth of people from different backgrounds - marketing can become too homogenous. It means we need to broaden how we recruit - one way we’re doing this is running a summer internship specifically for non-graduates.

What are you doing to transform the way you work with clients?

The advantage of being a scale up is that we are (and were) already set up for what comes next - and due to Covid that’s arrived far earlier than anyone expected. All the things that clients now need to work effectively - full collaboration and transparency via processes and platforms (like Slack and Todoist), having defined project scopes as well as retainers, setting our charging model by work done not by the person doing it - is what we’ve already been doing. We need others to follow.

If you could give clients one piece of advice what would it be?

Embrace the change rather than hold back - innovation is a competitive advantage but it means you can’t wait to see how it works out for others first!

How are you future-proofing?

If our mission is what comes next, that must be the default state - to be pushing boundaries. That means we need to view our competition as the status-quo and those wanting to preserve it. We’re focused on the future and making sure we have the people and skills to remain there.

Marketing predictions for the next year?

In the least surprising statement ever, we believe digital will grow. Social audio will also grow - but Clubhouse probably isn’t the TikTok of this.

Speaking of TikTok, dances will die due to failed brand attempts to jump on them.

And Dubai may ban all influencers and Skegness will see an influx of selfie-taking perma tans. Maybe.

Best kept secret for Friday drinks (this can be how you’re virtually winding down the week or what you can’t wait for when we’re all back in the office)?

We always end the week with Friday Hooray - everyone shares one learning and one highlight from the week over a drink. It often descends into anecdote swapping though. Last week we heard one person stumbled into a Clubhouse room talking about sex stories, another team member admitted being totally unaware of Damien Hirst’s existence and a continued argument about the snack selection on return to office (Disco’s FYI). Plus some recipe swapping from the professional food Instagrammer section of the team, which we all pretend to not be stealing to impress our households over the weekend.

 See more from OneFifty Consultancy here on our website.



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