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Shining a light on our Oystercatchers Club members through our 'Spotlight on' blog, this month we bring you Nucco.

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Corporate Content Creation
Results-driven strategic storytelling.

We create stunning creative content that connects brands of all sizes with their audiences. Our strategic approach to storytelling helps brands communicate complex ideas simply, through digital content and compelling messaging.

What makes Nucco unique?

While everyone else was running around making B2C look sexy, we were honing a fresh approach to B2B and corporate comms. Because the truth is, anyone can make B2C look good - but it’s a real art to bring that to corporate messaging.

So we developed a bold storytelling approach that puts people at the heart of the messaging, and measurable KPIs as the goal. And the result has been great work that’s delivered meaningful results for our clients. One such example is our work for John Lewis Partnership’s pension scheme that motivated 50,000 additional employees to sign up for the scheme.

John Lewis Partnership | Explainer Video

How do you go about learning an unfamiliar industry that a newly won client may sit in, so you can produce the best possible work?

Having worked across a range of intensive industries from neurotransmission VR projects to heavily regulated financial services explainers, we’ve developed a few different techniques to keep us up to scratch.

Part of it’s the internal research we do - how our team devoured university-grade textbooks to keep up and make meaningful suggestions to our clients.

But we also bring in external experts to help us make sure we’re on the money every time - and from there we shape compelling creative from a more authoritative standpoint.

When’s your busiest time of year?

Although we keep busy most of the time, in terms of output we tend to run hottest around May/November. With clients trying to get work finished before summer and Christmas slow-downs, it can get a little manic - but seeing it all come together is always rewarding.

Does Nucco have a favourite time of year when it comes to campaigns?

From a project point of view, we find our most ambitious briefs tend to come in around September. As it’s the beginning of the school year, we often find ourselves taking on new tech learning projects, like immersive VR experiences or gamified learning.

Take our project for Arizona State University for example, the goal of this project was to dramatise the events leading up to the American Revolution through an engaging, narrative-driven learning experience using mobile-based VR.

Arizona State University | VR Experience

Are there any areas across your client relationships that, upon improvement, would change the way you work for the better?

From our experience with our clients, some of our best working relationships have either started or improved by getting involved with our events.

These themed panel discussions take a deeper look at important topics facing the industry, like communications in regulated industries and using immersive technologies for teaching.

A lot of the discussions that have started at these events have led to incredible projects and better ongoing relationships that have been helpful for both our clients and us.

What area would you like more contribution from when it comes to clients?

We’ve found our best work comes from close and ongoing collaboration with our clients - when we can combine our strategic and creative expertise with your knowledge of your brand and industry.

And we get it - it’s not always practical. But when we work together to develop strategies, we see exponentially better results. Because better strategies almost always means better campaigns. One such example is our work for Action Against Hunger.

Action Against Hunger | Content Strategy & Brand Refresh

Do you have any funny stories you can share with us in the life of Nucco?

Every day is a laugh. Currently, we have a life-size cardboard Celine Dion overseeing the office.

With the increase of in-house marketing, can you see agency models evolving?

Historically, B2B has been the ugly stepsister in marketing. Often, creatives in agencies put the least amount of thought into it, and as a result, it’s boring and lacks impact.

From the start, we’ve been interested in injecting creativity and life into B2B comms - because fundamentally, it’s still just people talking to people. Our work for HSBC is a great example of how creativity can be injected into some of the most complex and dry topics.

HSBC | Explainer Video

What ‘local’ can we expect to find staff from Nucco in?

We’ve accumulated a number of suitably poncy haunts for our poncey Farringdon office - from the excellent eateries of Exmouth Market and Leather Lane to the so-good-it-should-be-illegal Mikkeller pop-up… and, of course, there’s The Coach’s fabulous croquettes and Austrian lager.

Drop by, say hello, and we’ll take you on our gustatory induction tour.

If you could offer one piece of advice to new clients, what would it be?

Make sure you work with expertise across a range of styles. We’ve heard far too many horror stories of clients who have approached a one-trick-pony studio, and ended up with work that didn’t deliver the results they wanted.

Using a studio with a proven record across a number of animation disciplines means we’re able to help you match the best medium for your message. Take a look at our video for EDF Energy, for example.

EDF Energy | VR Experience

What can you tell us about Nucco's company culture?

At Nucco, creativity and inclusivity are two of our core values. We’re staunch believers that everyone is creative - which is why we all got involved in Inktober this year.

For the entire month of October, everyone in the Nucco team - from sales team to accounts - drew one or two pictures from the Inktober prompts, participating in a global creative challenge. You can find our efforts on our Instagram.

See more from Nucco here on their Oystercatchers agency page.


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